Content is the voice of your brand.

Lazy, uninspired content paints the picture of a lazy, uninspired brand.
Inconsistent, irrelevant posts reflects an inconsistent, irrelevant brand.

Your brand is more than just a logo; it is the true identity of your business. If you want to refine and strengthen your brand then you need to start looking at things a little bit differently.

Imagine your brand as a person, male or female it doesn't matter, we're only going to pay attention to appearances right now. So, what is your brand wearing? A pithy t-shirt and blue jeans or something more professional and polished? Maybe your brand is sporting nerd glasses with a sexy little bikini--I wouldn't know, it's your brand not mine.

You should notice similarities between the visual perception of your brand and the values and interests of your target client base. Why? Because the values and interests of your clients should be chiseled into the very heart of your brands identity.

Oh-ho, but that's not all. What is even more important than appearances? Lot's of things, like what your brand is saying about you to your clients when you're not around, or how your brand talks to the customers visiting your website. 

Standard Pricing


Weekly Posts
Minimum of 550 word count
Snackable metadata for social media feeds

First time clients interested in blogging services are required to start with my 2-month Water Contract. 

The Water Contract is designed to give my copy the time it needs to produce trackable results while also allowing the client to dip their little-toe into the vast sea of content marketing instead of just swan-diving right in.

Clients appreciate the Water Contract because it eliminates a lot of unnecessary pressure and provides both parties with the chance to get to know one another and the work-relationship we share.

At the end of the Water Contract clients will have three options.

  1. Walk away. Client retains all rights to the content they paid for.

  2. Step into a long term contract of either 6 months, 12 months, or more. Discounts apply.

  3. Step into a month-to-month contract. (Rates for these contracts are very high.)



Please understand that my rates are based on the value of the content I provide.

I do not charge hourly rates for the following reasons.

  • The time it takes to complete an assignment is extraneous to the ultimate value it provides.
  • Hourly rates fail to reflect the subtle benefits that serious clients expect when working alongside a professional copywriter. (You know... like years of experience, industry awareness, crazy-fast turnaround, and polished high-quality copy.) 

Blog Package

The Month-to-Month Blog Package is perfect for first time clients looking to outsource their marketing efforts a little bit at a time.

To properly leverage the powers of the internet (aka content marketing), a business requires more than just one great piece of compelling content for it's website and social media streams. 

If you're not ready to leap in head first but still want to dip your little toe in the water to see how it feels, then relax because this package was built with you in mind.


  • Idea Generation survey
  • 4 Original Blog Posts (500-1000 words)
  • SEO and keyword analysis
  • Snackable blog synopsis for social media sharing
  • Month-to-Month contract with discounted rates when upgrading services
  • Primary sources, guaranteed

If you notice that your brand's identity seems unfocused or underdeveloped then you might want to try the following exercise before running out and hiring a writer:

Over the next week I want you to set aside a few moments every day to reflect on your brand as if it were a person. Glance over your brand's social media pages and posts, look at your brand's website, read it's blog, think about your typical customer and then take note of all your observations, good and bad. 

After several days of this you will have a much clearer image of your brand's current identity and what changes will be required in order to strengthen and grow your brand in the correct direction.